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Better Product, Better Service, Better Guarantee

In 2011, SecureView Australia was named among the top 100 Australian fast starters by business magazine BRW. When SecureView came to enso they had a fantastic product but no clear brand position. Our objective was to find a clear position for them and create the brand imagery to communicate this effectively. We developed a full corporate ID as well as many offline and online communication pieces for SecureView Australia.

The project implementation included:

  • Brand platform development
  • Visual Identity development
  • Website design and development
  • Advertising
SecureView corporate ID: logo design
SecureView visual identity: brochure design

Highly evolved security, products are presented as desirable technology.

SecureView visual identity: clean, modern designs

Secureview brochure, clean and modern.

SecureView visual identity: aspirational imagery

Product photography was taken across a range of locations.

SecureView product features: brochure design

Highly evolved security, 3d illustrations of the product components.

SecureView: website design and development
SecureView website

Secureview website, clean, simple and bold.

SecureView website iPad

Secureview website, interactive galleries and product finder.