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Professional Services Brand

Corporate Identity, brand positioning and company collateral and communications.

Rapidly growing IT consultancy AIPEX identified a requirement for a major brand and corporate identity project to ensure key messages about the organisation’s position and market were clearly communicated across the various touch points. enso conducted survey based research into the market position and perception of the existing AIPEX brand. This data was collated and reviewed alongside the short term and long term business objectives. In consultation with AIPEX, enso developed a brand platform with a creative framework to form the basis of a new visual corporate identity.

Following the successful refinement of the brand platform, enso implemented the new supporting corporate identity across the company’s collateral.

The project implementation included:

  • Brand platform development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Advertising
  • Website design and development
Aipex: logo design
Aipex: brochure design

Advertising and corporate communications mix elements including schematic charts and abstract textures.

Aipex: logo detail

Design executions focus the message with a clear and clean asthetic.

Aipex: website design and development
Aipex: print brochure texture detail

Corporate ID explores abstract textures as an expression of company values.

Aipex: website design iPad

Clean and accessible are key objectives of the website design.