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Travel Services

Corporate Travel Management takes flight.

Corporate Travel Management engaged enso to help re-align their communication with their reputation as one of the fastest growing global travel management companies. Top management and enso worked closely to design and deliver a number of strategic campaigns as well as review and refocus all existing marketing collateral messaging and design.

The project implementation included:

  • Design consultation
  • Campaign development
  • Messaging
  • Visual Identity development
  • Advertising
CTM: corporate annual report design cover

Colourful, simple and dynamic were keys to repositioning the visual language.

CTM: 2011 annual report infographic design

Simple and colourful representations of data.

CTM: 2011 annual report spread

Simplifying the message and clarifying the communication.

CTM microsite design and development

Clean and purposeful online experiences.

CTM product specific microsite

CTM product specific microsite.

CTM visual identity: brochure design

CTM visual ID brochure designs.

CTM visual identity: modern and friendly designs

Colourful, engaging, clear and fun.

CTM online advertising campaign development

Playful online campaigns.

CTM online campaign: web banner advertisement

Playful online advertisements.